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Protecting Your Rights As A Debtor

If you seek the counsel of Emil Sargent Attorney at Law because you are struggling with credit card debt, the first thing we will assure you is that you still have rights. We understand how harassing creditors may seem. Fortunately, there are federal laws that offer protections.

Shielding You From Creditors

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act limits the manner and times in which creditors may communicate with you. Significantly, the FDCPA also prohibits creditors from directly contacting a debtor after he or she has obtained legal counsel. As your attorney, that means you will not have to deal with your creditors anymore. We will assume communications going forward.

Communicating On Your Behalf

There are many benefits to having an attorney advise you of your debt management options. As a practical matter, we are able to make a more informed assessment of your financial situation when we serve as the single point of contact for all of your creditors. Together, we can determine your ability to make payments toward your credit card debt.

Negotiating For Feasible Repayment Options

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We bring over 25 years of legal experience to your aid. Through negotiations, we may be able to agree upon a debt management plan that establishes a set monthly repayment obligation, from which your various creditors will receive disbursements. As your attorney, our perspective is also informed by the available protections of federal bankruptcy law. We understand how a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing would impact your credit card debts. Rather than face the automatic stay of the bankruptcy court and risk forfeiting a larger stake of their financial investment, most creditors prefer to negotiate with us.

Protect Yourself Today

Find out today how we can help you manage your credit card debts. To learn more about our defensive strategies, schedule a free initial consultation. We are conveniently located in Houston and can be reached at 713-364-0002. You may also contact us online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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